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Presenter, Actress, TV Personality and Spice Girl!

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Emma Bunton was born in Finchley, and grew up in the Woodside Park area of London. Her mother Pauline was a karate instructor, while her father Trevor was a local milkman.

The couple divorced when Emma was 11 years old, after which Emma would spend the majority of her time with her mother.
She went to school at St. Theresa’s Primary School, but it was her extra curricular activities at the Sylvia Young Theatre School in Marylebone where Emma discovered what was a passion and talent for music and dance.

The Spice Girls

In 1994 Emma joined the all female singing group ‘Touch,’ replacing Michelle Stephenson. Touch would change their name to the ‘Spice Girls’ shortly after, and from there the rest is history.

The ‘Spice Girls’ quickly became an international pop phenomenon. They would go on to sell millions of their three studio albums, with the first two albums – Spice and Spice World reaching number 1 in the UK, to add to the nine number 1 singles they achieved. Spice World was also the name of their feature film.

All the Spice Girls had nicknames, Emma was given the name ‘Baby’ Spice, as she was the youngest member/baby of the group and her extremely youthful appearance.

From Quintet to Quartet

In 1998, the Spice Girls became a four piece group after the departure of popular member Geri Halliwell, otherwise known as ‘Ginger Spice’.

Two years later, the group released their third studio album titled ‘Forever,’ which failed to generate the same amount of commercial success as their two previous albums. Given their dwindling success as a group and perhaps motivated by Halliwell’s emerging solo career – the four remaining Spice Girls decided to disband and each go their separate ways as solo artists. (They would reform briefly for a reunion tour in 2007 and a 2012 London Olympic opening ceremony performance).

Going Solo!

Truth be told, all members of the Spice Girls had begun to get their feet wet as solo artists prior to the break up of the band in 2001. In 1999 Emma Bunton collaborated with the English band TIn Tin Out to record a cover of the song “What I Am” (originally recorded by Eddie Brickell & New Bohemians).

Thanks to Bunton’s star power. the single reached number 2 in the charts and would go on to sell more than 220,000 copies. This was far and away the biggest hit in the career of the otherwise obscure English band ‘Tin Tin Out.’ The song went on to being remixed by K-Warren featuring Richie Dan, so the Baby of the group even got involved within this now classic era of UK garage music.

The same year a television show was aired on European VH1 simply titled “Emma,” which saw her presenting to the camera various video’s from the hit-makers of the time. Jennifer Lopez et al.

Signing to Virgin

In 2001, after the Spice Girls announced their breakup, Emma Bunton began to concentrate completely on being a solo pop singer. She was signed to the label Virgin Records, who had also overseen the career of the Spice Girls.

The same year saw Virgin release Bunton’s first single as a complete solo artist with the song “What Took You So Long.”

It was a big hit, reaching number one in the UK charts, where it stayed for two consecutive weeks. It also sold more than 250,000 units.

As for her first album as a solo artist, this was titled “A Girl Like Me” and came out two weeks after the lead single. The album was also a tremendous success, reaching number 4 in the UK album charts and selling more than 124,000 copies (a far cry from her Spice Girls heyday, but still a respectable number).

The albums other singles were “Take My Breath Away” (number 5 in the UK charts) and “We’re Not Going To Sleep Tonight” (reached the top 20).


Today Emma Bunton has retained her public profile and fans. She can be regularly seen on UK television screens either acting or presenting.

Emma Bunton has a list of successful credits to her name and continues to be active within the industry. She has recently starred in The Rocky Horror Show, co-hosts on Heart fm with Jamie Theakston and regularly picks up guest appearances in films, having a role with the film Absolutely Fabulous this year (2016.)

And of course the omnipresence of the Spice Girls still exists in mainstream culture, to the extent that the music keeps attracting air-time on large network television shows like the X-Factor.

There has been talk of a Spice Girls reunion in 2016, as unlikely as this sounds the rumblings will continue until the day each of the Spice Girls has decided to stop playing the game.

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