Beauty Secrets from Flight Attendants

One of the most harrowing experiences for a person’s complexion, and one of the harshest environments for your skin to endure, is the arduous process of sitting through a long distance flight. Whether you’re flying coach or you’ve nabbed yourself business class flights, a glimpse in the mirror before landing is sure to be a frightening sight, but you need not lock yourself away as soon as you land – here are five handy secrets for getting yourself back in fine form after a long flight, straight from the ladies in the business.

Apply a Hydrating Mask
As soon as you get to the hotel, wash off any makeup and lip gloss or lipstick. Use a gentle cleanser with warm water, nothing that’s going to dry your skin out any further after the ordeal it just had to endure, spending hours in that dehydration chamber on wings.

Once you’re free of any dead skin cells, excess oils and makeup residue, apply a hydrating mask to your face. This is the quickest way to help your skin recover from the moisture loss during the flight, leaving you with glowing, healthy-looking skin instead of a dried-out husk for a face.

Take a Power Nap
This ties in perfectly with the application of your hydrating mask. Once you’ve applied the mask to your face, take half an hour or so to relax and slip into sleep for an express power-nap whiles your mask works to re hydrate your starved skin.

You’ll be amazed what a short snooze can do for your mind, your body, your stamina and your complexion. Anyway, you might as well be making the most of the waiting time between applying and removing your mask. Just remember to set an alarm! You don’t want to sleep through cocktail hour at the hotel bar.

Moisturize Like Mad
Once you’ve washed your mask on, don’t be scared of that moisturizer. Start off with a mild toner and follow by working in your usual hydrating day cream. You’ll notice that your skin is hungry for the moisture and swallows up much more than usual. Apply enough so that your skin feels adequately satisfied but not so much that you flood your pores and end up with a slippery face.

Under-eye Concealer
You’re properly moisturized and you’ve applied your usual regime of make-up, but before you step out the door, grab your concealer and dab a little under your eyes. After the exhaustion and dehydration that a long-haul flight often brings, your eyes will probably by showing the worst of it, often appearing dark or baggy.

Apply a light layer of concealer under each eye, using your ring finger to dab lightly, as it generally applies less pressure than the other fingers. Underneath your eyes is a sensitive area and should be treated gently, especially after a big flight.

Drink Lots of Water
From the moment you step onto the plane until you land you should be drinking plenty of water to avoid the dehydration caused by travelling for long periods in the pressurized cabin on an aircraft, but if you want to glam yourself up afterward then be sure not to relax the water intake once you touch down.

Drink a few glasses of water before you hit the town, it will help revitalise you from inside out and replenish the natural glow of your skin, as well as help with sunken eyes and lethargy. A steady and generous intake of water will also help you ward off any viruses that you may have been exposed to during your travel.

Also remember to drink plenty throughout the night if you’re heading out to dinner or hitting the town, try to follow each alcoholic drink with a glass of water. Not only will it keep your complexion looking top-notch, but you’ll feel a lot better for it in the morning.

With these simple steps, you’ll be out of that hotel room door, no paper bag on your head but a winning smile, glowing skin and plenty of enthusiasm to last you until your next trip to the airport!

Post contributed by:

Fiona Mills