Bring awareness to your everyday activities and let go of past emotions

Awareness brings us success in whatever we are attempting to do. You will find that a focus on awareness helps us to challenge life to provide us with more and more. That is, if we see what we are holding in and where we are not being authentic in our words and actions, we can achieve much more from life.

Many of us walk around with blinkers on to our lives, we are scared to admit that something is not right because this is going to force us to move into our pain and unravel it. But, life does not change until we change our approach to it. So we are, oftentimes, upset and angry, unsuccessful and not achieving what we want but unable to change that; we do not want to change it because it will involve seeing our own pain.

Yet this is, the Teachers of Humanity tell me, why we have so much depression and anxiety in our world… we are not using our own voice to ask the world for more.

So, what can we do about this? First, I recommend acing on what we can act on. Most of us have a sense of what it is that is going on in our lives and have the capacity to see some part of what we need to do to heal any pain. We might be able to take the first step to see a psychotherapist or we may be able to take up a yoga class to unravel some of the stress.

However to really live with awareness we need to be able to just let our emotions be; to ride the waves of our emotional selves without reacting too heavily for or against this emotion. If we can let our emotions sit, just be with them, we find that they have a lot to tell us.

If we do not fall into our emotions and let them lead us we have a greater sense of what they are. This is what conscious awareness is all about – we see our emotional reactions but do not judge them, or try to repress them. We let them be and honor them without doubt (we do not believe that we are wrong for having them) .

This type of consciousness is to be in a state of mindfulness as much as we can. It can negate the need for meditation and other such calming devices because we are always in equilibrium. We are not running from ourselves! (Though I do recommend meditation to many people if they are under a lot of pressure, this type of mindfulness can support life on a very deep, continuous level.)

When we have the capacity to be mindful in such a way, we have success, because we are not swinging on the pendulum between fear and unwanted emotion. We do not lose ourselves or get lost on our pathway because we are aware of what is going on around us and that makes us more sure of ourselves and our capacity to do what we are attempting to do in any given moment.

When we are in a space of conscious awareness our intuitive powers are in high order too, so we are more likely to be able to actively and consciously move with grace and inner-will rather than fighting the world around us. And when intuition is in play we have the capacity to move underneath the rest of the world which is sitting on, and acting with, fear. We do not feel victims to life but active participants.