Spice Girls/Gem set to make $14 million from Hyde Park reunion

The Spice Girls are set to make $14 million each from a Hyde Park reunion show according to reports. The band will be performing as a three-piece outfit for the gig with only Geri Horner (re: Halliwell), Emma Bunton and Mel B taking part. The band have reformed as GEM and will perform a two hour set without band-mates Victoria Beckham and Mel C who have reportedly refused to take part.

The announcement of the gig marks the 20th anniversary of The Spice Girls first hit Wannabe which shot to number 1 in the singles chart in 1996.

Cash rules everything around me

Despite the absence of former band members Posh and Sporty, GEM have attracted interest from a number of sponsors for the one-off gig as it is anticipated to be popular among nostalgic fans. The girls are also likely to make money from the promotional appearances, fan meet-and-greets and album sales associated with the performance.

The gig will take place next July therefore marking the 21st anniversary of their first big hit as they were unable to book a venue for a gig this year.

spice girls band

As a five-piece band, The Spice Girls amassed approximately $75 million per year and are one of the most iconic girl bands to date. They reunited for the first time in 2007 for a worldwide tour ‘The Return of the Spice Girls’ which amassed approximately $70 million, earning each of the girls $20 million.

GEM are thought to earn a little less without Victoria and Mel C at $14 million for their Hyde Park reunion. The group reunited for a one-off appearance at the 2012 London Olympics.

What the girls did after Spice Girls

Over the years, the girls have made numerous appearances as radio hosts, TV personalities, TV presenters and even on the fashion circuit. Victoria Beckham has a reported net worth of hundreds of millions, not to mention her husband David’s earnings. She has also seen some success as a fashion designer since the band’s last reunion tour and is reported to be concentrating on this as opposed to taking part in a Spice Girls reunion. Melanie Chisholm has stayed out of the public eye in recent years but has seen the most success from album sales and critical acclaim out of the group. She is currently working on her own solo album and has not ‘ruled out a reunion’. It is hoped that the two will come on board with the gig and perform with GEM.

The group’s music manager is reported to be Joyce Smith who helped The Rolling Stones play their gig in Cuba early in 2016. It is also likely that the girls will bring their original PR guru Alan Edwards, who was behind their original image. It is thought that a TV documentary marking the gig and the girls’ 21st anniversary will also be filmed. Whether Mel C and Victoria will be a part of this, it is unclear at this stage. The show may be a part of the Barclaycard Presents British Summertime Festival in 2017 but it is uncertain at this stage. Band members hope that the other girls will join the reunion in time for the anticipated gig next year.